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App download for PC

Download now Showbox for Windows PC or apk app for Android. Watch now free movies online with Showbox app for PC.Download Now!Compatible with Windows 8,9,10 and Android

Showbox for free movies online

When you download our files you will have 2 Showbox versions. 1 for PC and 1 apk for Android.

Showbox for PC works great on Windows 10,9, and 8 without any problems. Watch now full and free movies on HD.

Keep in mind that you can also use our version for Android which is a simple apk file that comes in the same pack. You must upload on you SD card and then install it.

For better experience we recommend Wi-fi conections for both, PC or Android devices.

Showbox app for PC runs without any ads on it. Watching full movies in HD it's a pleasure :)

Showbox app for pc it's a free software and can be used without any fear. For bugs feel free to contact us!

Showbox app for PC was developed by Igor and Ekaterina, two developers from Russia. This Showbox app was modified successfully to be used on Windows 10,9 and 8 ony any internet speed connection. All movies can be seen in HD format or lower, depending on you internet speed. You can also listen music and also download both, videos and music on your PC. Showbox app for PC and apk for Android is an free online movies app that don't need a license to be used. You can watch all your favorite movies without paying any monthly fees. For bugs or errors feel free to send us an email at We will reply as soon as we can. If you like our Showbox app for PC or apk for Android feel free to share this website on your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages. This action will keep this app for free.